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About me

After more than 10 years of hectic city life, accompanied by feelings of being stressed-out and chronically exhaustion, Yudith came to the understanding that her symptoms were mostly a result of an imbalanced way of living and understood the importance of stress management and self-care in order to function in the best possible way on a daily basis.
After 6 years of working as a caregiver during her Communication Science studies in The Netherlands, Yudith knew that her life purpose was helping others to heal from physical and emotional pain. A few years and another continent later, the path brought her to study Massage Therapy.
In her massage practice, Yudith combines Massage Therapy with different elements of Holistic healing. She believes in the uniqueness of every client and understand that every person needs a personalized treatment. In every massage she integrates a mix of personalized essential oils (organic plant extracts) which contribute in bringing the body back to a state of Balance. The essential oils penetrate through the skin into the blood to our cells.

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